Is Norway welcoming worldclass talent? : OIWW fireplace chat For a more welcoming Oslo Region, we are launching next week Oslo International Welcome Center, that is a consortium-backed center to welcome international professionals to the Oslo region. It is initiated by Oslo International House and Systemic Design Incubator and is supported by the Oslo Region alliance, which consists of the City of Oslo, Viken county, Innlandet county and 67 municipalities in the greater Oslo Region.
Welcome Center is aiming at improving the current ways of welcoming the internationals to the Oslo Region and building a united touch point for everyone and all the services in this domain. Welcome Center is an opportunity for all of us who live “in-between” (in-between countries, identities, professions, families, businesses, etc), and it requires us to build it together. This post is a simple invite for that.
For this purpose, Oslo International Welcome Center is running the Oslo Welcome Week from Aug 31st to Sep 4th containing events, talks and a lot of fun. In addition to all of that, there will be a series of roundtables where we're inviting you to share your insights, experiences and expertise to create the ground for the new design and improvement of the current service

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